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Before you begin looking for your new home, you'll need to determine your community needs. There are many neighbourhoods that offer a wide range of services, activities, entertainment, education, dining, shopping and transportation options, and being clear about what's most important to you and your family will help guide your home search. With our unique market intelligent and community insight, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Below are some considerations you'll want to make when determining your ideal neighbourhood.


Find neighbourhoods that match your lifestyle

Our handy Perfect Life tool helps you discover exactly the right neighbourhood for your lifestyle. Are you a Baby Boomer looking for a neighbourhood where health clubs outnumber playgrounds? Or are you an Exec who has opted out of downtown for a suburban neighbourhood to focus more on family? 

Find detailed demographic information about income level, life stage, household structure, employment types and education of nearby communities. Discover interesting neighbourhoods you may not have considered, and maybe even learn a little about yourself!



When considering where you want to live, you'll need to prioritize what type of community, and which services are most important to you? Here are some things to consider about the community you choose to live in:

  • Rural? Small town? Suburban? City?
  • What facilities are available: shopping centres? places of worship? recreational facilities? hospitals? schools?
  • Are property taxes comparable to those in other communities?
  • Are there any future developments planned which you may not like?
  • Are the sewage and water systems adequate?
  • What is the availability and cost of utilities: electricity? gas? water?
  • What public services are provided: police? fire protection? ambulance? garbage collection? mail delivery? snow removal?


Not all communities are made equal when it comes to transportation. Many neighbourhoods require a car to get around, while others are widely accessible by public transportation. Here are some considerations for your transportation needs.

  • Is there nearby public transportation available?
  • Is the Skytrain or WestCoast Express nearby?
  • Do you mind a long commute to work or to visit friends?
  • Can you afford to drive to and park at your workplace?
  • Will another car be needed for your spouse to drive to work, to shop, or take the children to school or other activities?
  • Are major roads and commuter routes easily accessible?


Once you've narrowed down which type community fits your needs, you'll need to consider some things about the neighbourhood you're potentially moving into.

  • Is public and private property maintained to your satisfaction?
  • What is the composition of families living nearby: quiet, mature people? teenagers? potential playmates for children?
  • Are their incomes and lifestyles compatible with yours?
  • Have property values risen, fallen, or remained stable in the recent past?
  • Are there any known projects on the horizon which could substantially change the quality of the lifestyle or the property prices in the area?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the current zoning regulations?
  • Will they protect property values yet still allow you to use a dwelling in the way you envision: outdoor basketball hoops and barbecues? storing your boat? a home-based business? keeping chickens/rabbits/horses? cutting trees? high fences? a basement suite? etc.
  • When you walk up and down the streets of the neighbourhood, can you picture yourself living there for several years into the future?


Now that you've decided which community and neighbourhood suit your needs the best, you need to decide what type of dwelling you want. While some of this may be determined by your budget, there are lots of considerations when determining the type of home you want.

  • Are you interested in brand new only? an historic, character house? an already renovated resale? a solid, older house that just needs redecorating? or can you purchase a “fixer-upper” and do major renovations yourself?
  • What combination of space do you require? Think not only about bedrooms, bathrooms and garages, but also about areas for hobby activities and children’s play; and storage for clothes, skis, bicycles, wind surfers, tools, garden equipment, etc.
  • Is a large, well-equipped kitchen important to you? How about a fireplace? A large entrance hall? A sun deck? A pool?
  • Would you prefer a small lawn and low-maintenance garden, or do you enjoy cutting grass and making things grow?
  • Do you need a dwelling with room to eventually accommodate more children? Elderly parents? Inlaws?


Perhaps the most important consideration for families with school-aged children is the quality and type of schooling nearby. Make sure that you understand what schooling options are available, and what the plans are for future schooling development.

  • What schooling is available: primary? high school? adult evening programs? college?
  • How close are the schools and how do the children get there?
  • Are the schools crowded?
  • Is the sports program satisfactory?
  • Do the students have a high achievement record?
  • If your family has special educational needs, are these available?

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